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Everett Transit Long Range Plan

Everett Transit’s Draft Long Range Plan is available for review. Provide your input now!

In June and October 2017, Everett Transit gathered input on your vision and priorities for local transit service. Your feedback shaped the Draft Long Range Plan proposal for future levels of service. 

We want to know what you think of the Growth Network Plan, which will become our roadmap for meeting the demand for local transit service in the next 20 years. You can review the Draft Long Range Plan by visiting our website at
The Growth Network Plan will meet the City of Everett’s transit needs for the next 20 years by restructuring and prioritizing service to support increased density and regional transit investments. This plan will:
  • Increase service hours by up to 25% to provide more frequent service
  • Increase our fleet up to 50 total buses to meet the needs of our growing population
  • Increase how often the bus comes so that average wait times are below 10 minutes
  • Focus service on the corridors and areas that will experience the most growth. This would reduce our current coverage, so people might have to walk a little farther to get to the bus
  • Increase productivity by getting more riders on each bus
  • Increase in ridership to carry up to 17,000 daily riders by 2040

How the Growth Network Plan could serve you
Everett Transit Growth Network Route Frequency (Peak)
  • Increased frequency in downtown Everett
  • New service between Waterfront and Riverfront
  • More direct service on Broadway and 19th Avenue Southeast
  • Direct service between the proposed Mariner light rail station and Everett Mall
  • Increased frequency on West Casino Road
  • Restructured service:
    • From the Boeing-area to the Seaway Transit Center
    • In Evergreen and Pinehurst to better connect to future light rail and Boeing
    • To Paine Field and throughout the Southwest Everett to connect to Everett Mall and future link light rail
1. Please tell us the degree to which you would support a plan like the Growth Network Plan for the City of Everett.
3. A fare increase is identified as one option that would provide additional revenue for Everett Transit. Everett Transit’s current adult fare for local service is $1.00. Other options to raise revenue will also be considered. For context, other regional agency fares range from $2.00 (Pierce Transit), to $2.25 (Community Transit), to $2.75 (King County Metro).

In order to meet the goals of the Growth Network Plan and ensure sustainability, what would you recommend Everett Transit consider for the adult fare?
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11. How do you currently use Everett Transit? (check all that apply)