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SDOT Route-7 Transit-Plus Multimodal Corridor - 047-067-000 - Business Access Survey

Route-7 Transit-Plus Multimodal Corridor Business Access Survey

The Route-7 Transit-Plus Multimodal Corridor project is a series of investments along Rainier Ave S that will make buses more reliable, make it safer and easier to get to bus stops, and respond to community needs and priorities. For more information, please visit our website.

We would like to learn more about your concerns and needs. Please complete the survey below. All questions are optional.

Contact Info
Primary point of contact - Who should we contact with potential follow-up questions and keep in the loop as we have updates?
7. Does this business own or lease the property?
Delivery and Loading
9. What size trucks typically deliver here?
10. What day(s) do you typically receive truck deliveries?
11. How many times a week do you typically receive deliveries?
12. Typically, what time of day are the deliveries?
Customer Access
15. How do your customers typically get to your business?
16. How do your employees typically get to your business?