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SR 520- Construction Corner Usability-059-047-010

SR 520WSDOT SR 520 - Construction Corner Usability Survey

If you were looking for information about SR 520 reconstruction, where would you look for information? (Select top three.)
Overall, how well does the Construction Corner website meet your needs for information about SR 520 reconstruction?
Was there something you expected to find or see on the Construction Corner webpages that you didn’t see?
Your feedback on the Construction Corner website is important before the site is launched to the general public. Please give us more details on your experience with the site by rating each of the following on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 means strongly disagree and 5 means strongly agree.
Space Cell 12345
The site design is attractive
Information on the pages is easy to understand
The site is well organized to help me find information quickly
On the Construction Corner webpages, were you able to find?
Space Cell YesNo
An interactive map that cites date-specific construction activities and locations
Descriptions of project-specific construction impacts, such as noise, nighttime work, etc
Descriptions of major, upcoming SR 520 project elements and their construction schedules
Ways to contact the SR 520 Program (phone, email, in person)
How likely are you to visit the Construction Corner website in the future for information about SR 520 reconstruction?